Geographer at Webster Hall: 8:40pm 11.07.12

There are a lot of great indie bands popping up everywhere these days but there aren’t a lot that I can say I lived with for a week and can actually call friends. So I might be biased, but Geographer is by far one of my favorites.

I first heard of Geographer on April 23rd when Brandon sent me their album on Spotify with a short note that said, “Love these guys.” I immediately started working on trying to get them to play our big StyleCaster event in the Hamptons. We had only communicated with their manager, Robbie, over email when we invited them out to stay with us for a few days at #SCHamptons before the party. Like real rockstars, they were up for the adventure and rolled up to the house late on a Wednesday night. What ensued was an amazing story of how you can meet new people and form a lifelong bond in just a few days.

Mike, Nathan, Brian, and Robbie immediately fit right into the StyleCaster Family. They were Tweeting and Instagramming alongside the biggest bloggers in fashion making #SCHamptons trend, they loved Chef D’s home cookin’ (who doesn’t?) and they put on an intimate performance that they magically made feel a lot more like they were playing for friends in a suburban backyard than a show for a media company in the Hamptons.

My favorite part of the weekend may not have seemed like it at the time. I was upstairs trying to sleep at 5am Saturday morning (6 hours before soundcheck) and I heard a bunch of people outside by the pool who sounded like they were playing Cowboys and Indians. I go outside and see the boys drinking beers and doing cannonballs into the pool in the rain. I go straight into suburban soccer Mom mode and react like one would if they were in the same situation and said, “get out of the pool and get to bed! You guys are playing a show in 6 hours.” Mike’s excuse that he told someone after: “Ari told us we were rockstars so we were just trying to act like rockstars.” Funny Mike, real funny.

When I saw that the boys were coming to play Webster Hall in NYC, I asked Robbie if he would set aside a few tickets for us. Little did anyone know that the show would be scheduled for 2 days after Sandy made landfall and ravaged the city. The show was postponed for the following Wednesday, on the same day that the Noreaster’ smacked the city with an early-season snowstorm out of nowhere, but nothing was going to stop me from seeing my boys play!!

Despite the rescheduling, despite the freakish snowstorm, despite the technical difficulties because the cords were too cold, the boys still put on a show that proved to the crowd why they are one of the most talented indie bands in the country right now. And while they definitely know how to party, this is the real reason they are going to be serious rockstars!!