Major Lazer at Terminal 5: 12:34am 10.28.12

For those of you that came out to visit us at #SCHamptons and spent time driving around in any of the various cars with us know that the unofficial summer anthem was Major Lazer’s “Get Free” that D discovered. I call them “Perfect Songs,” ones that you can listen to over and over again and they never get old, and then you can listen to them years later and they still sound just as amazing as the second time you heard them (because just like The Big Lebowski it takes one time to just get a feel for it and then you can really start to appreciate it the second time).

Like Girl Talk, I had heard about Major Lazer a few years ago and didn’t really get it. I thought it was kind of cool, but just sitting around listening to it in the office gave me anxiety. I also have heard all the talk about this EDM movement and I don’t really fully get that either…yet.

So when BP emailed us and said Major Lazer was coming to town I was in because I always say I’m in and I wanted to hear them play one of our favorite songs. Little did I know how awesome that would be.

The Saturday before Halloween and I’m in my late October uniform, dressed as Marty McFly. We went to Terminal 5 and staked out our secret spot that Matty Rosenberg taught me a couple years ago when we went to go see LCD Soundsystem.

All I can say after seeing these guys live is this: these guys are the real deal. This was a serious party. I kinda understand this whole EDM thing. And I am ready to go party like that anytime, anywhere. Watch the video and you’ll understand.