The Opportunist

Why not?

That was our motto for 2012.

Seriously though. This is what Brandon Perlman and I say every time we are doing something awesome. Why not? Ask yourself that question every time you are doing something you enjoy. Why shouldn’t you be doing it? You should. You like it. So do it. Do more of it. This year, find all the things you like doing and just do them.

It’s like my best friend and business partner Albert always tells me, “why not us?” Everyday we see great things happening to people like us. So “why not us?” Why not you? Why shouldn’t great things happen to you?

Like travelling? Great. Do it. Like eating amazing food? Great. Do it, just don’t forget to go to the gym. In love with someone and want to send them that text to tell them? Great. Do it. What are you waiting for? Why not? Why wouldn’t you do it?

Lets make this the year we seize all opportunities, the year that we are all opportunists.