Cults at Maxwell’s: Hoboken, NJ – 03.02.12

I went with my friend Dani to go see one of my favorite indie bands of the moment, Cults, at a great little spot called Maxwell’s. It was an impeccable space to see an up-and-coming indie band – back behind a trendy restaurant, a small, dark venue, reminiscent of a basement you would hangout in in the suburbs in middle school with barely any lights and a young band trying to make it big on stage. The more I see these amazing indie bands, the more I want to see them make it big so I can tell one of those “when I was younger I once saw Springsteen in a small bar when no one knew who he was” stories.

Something about their sound just gives me this feeling like I’m a college student at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast, like say…Smith College, walking through the leaves on a Fall day dressed like I just stepped out of a J. Crew catalog.  It seemingly makes you nostalgic for an experience you may never have had, yet somehow feel like you’ve experienced before. I think that’s kinda cool.