Great Suburban Chinese Food: Little Ollie’s

I call it “Suburban Chinese Food” and after living in New York City for the past 10 years I’ve realized it’s hard as hell to find here. The only place in the City I have found that resembles good “Suburban Chinese Food” is Charlie Mom’s on 12th and 6th in the West Village. You can ask The Man Repeller…she may agree.

I’m a Jewish kid that loves Chinese food. I’m sure I’m not alone, granted this is all most of us Jewish kids grew up eating on Christmas and New Year’s since nothing else is open. You know the joke, “what do Jews do on Christmas? They eat Chinese food and go to the movies.” Funny because it’s sad, sad because it’s true.

Years ago I was with my ex-girlfriend and her family and they took me to their spot in Denver…Little Ollie’s. I immediately fell in love (I was already in love with her and now with a new restaurant). More importantly, Little Ollie’s made me realize that great “Suburban Chinese Food” existed outside of Cleveland, Ohio and this is one of the best of them.

Then, over Christmas last year when I was in Aspen I remembered that Little Ollie’s had an outpost there as well. So (alone) I went to what I remembered being one of my favorite spots. And it didn’t disappoint. They had all the essentials and they were great. Spring rolls, spare ribs, Szechuan chicken, and all the other things we look for in great suburban Chinese food.

Long story short, if you are ever in Denver or Aspen and find yourself craving good “Suburban Chinese Food,” then stop by Little Ollie’s. It’s a gem.